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Restricted Key Systems

Key Security Systems

We use metal keys every day to lock, secure and protect the things that are important to us; buildings, people, assets, records, documents, data, cash and stock. But if someone copies your keys without your knowledge or authority, then your building and everything inside it – is at risk.

As 40% of illegal entries result from unauthorised key duplication, it’s worth taking a minute to think about your building’s security.

  • Do you know how many keys your company has issued?
  • Do you know who currently holds those keys?
  • Can you control who duplicates or copies your keys?

If you answered no to any of these questions, you have big holes in your security system.

A superior security solution: The Abloy Protec is the next generation in maximum master key systems for high security, ideal for use in government facilities, hospitals, universities and large industrial complexes. Talk to our team to learn more about this intelligent, flexible and highly customisable solution.

Protecting your people, building and assets can be as simple as turning a key

Whether you need to secure a single building or a large-scale complex, Ross Galt specialises in Restricted Key and Master Key Systems that put you in control of your building’s security.

Restricted Key Systems

Restricted Key Systems guarantee that your keys cannot be duplicated without your consent. They provide secure access in buildings with multiple areas and entry points. You decide who has access where, while every key can be traced to its holder and to the individual lock it activates.

At Ross Galt, we have a range of Restricted Key Systems including KABA, Lockwood, Binary Plus, Abloy and BiLock. Our restricted keys are legally patented and protected key designs that can only THINK BEYOND, THE LOCK The key to preventing 40% of illegal entries be duplicated by our company, with your authorisation.

Master Key Systems

Your master key can be made to open 5 to 5000 unique doors. A master key is a universal key that is able to unlock all or many locks in a specified location. They are used in places such as hotels where staff use one key to open all the doors, but guests’ keys open only their room door.

Master Key Systems can also incorporate restricted keying to enable many combinations of access needs while achieving the best security possible with the least number of keys. Like restricted keys, master keys cannot be duplicated or distributed without the authorisation of the key holder.

Getting Started

Simply contact us by phone or email, or book us online. We’ll do a walk-through of your property and discuss your security and access needs. We’ll then recommend the right key management systems for you, and work alongside you through the design, development and installation phases of your systems.

Our Restricted and Master Key Systems are used by:
Schools and Colleges
Sports Clubs
Office Buildings
Hotels, motels, bars & restaurants

With the right key management system, you’ll be back in control of your security.

We specialise in restricted & master key systems for:

Architects, Designers & Builders:

We work with architects, design consultants, builders and construction companies to design and develop Restricted and Master Key Systems. From the design phase through to installation and on-going implementation, we are committed to fast, efficient, professional advice and service, every time.

Multiple Properties:

Do you need access to multiple properties but require full or partial access for trusted people only?

We can install a Master Key System that gives you access to all properties while allowing others access to specific properties. If someone loses a key, there is no need to change all of your locks – just re-key the affected lock. Your master key will still allow access to the whole system.

Temporary Access:

Do you have a house sitter, cleaner, visiting relative or contractors who need access temporarily, or on certain days? We can supply a key system that provides access through a specific door (or limited number of doors). Your master key will open all doors, but their key will only open the one you specify.

Contact us for more information on Restricted Keying Systems or Master Key Security Systems. Ross Galt Lock and Alarm. 0800 ROSS GALT

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