Cobalt Single Action Electronic Side Load Lock



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The COBALT SA is a motor driven low voltage electric lock designed to secure commercial and residential doors. It is supplied with a matching strike plate and due to its small size it is perfect for installing into a mortice for a concealed solution. The COBALT SA offers two unique features not commonly found in this style of lock:

  1. The ability to ‘pull’ a door in tight against a seal.
  2. The ability to release when requested even if there is excessive sideload on the door.


The locking of the COBALT SA operates on a cam action which enables the locking cam to pull a door into place. In practice as the door closes it may come to rest in a position that is not fully closed, especially if it closing against a door seal of some type. The COBALT SA senses when the door is within 8 mm of being fully closed and activates the cam. The cam then rotates out and pulls the door from its resting position to the closed and sealed position.

With the door secured and locked the COBALT SA can be given an unlock signal and it will instantly unlock. If the door is loaded (pre-load) when the unlock signal is given the COBALT SA will still unlock, even with loads up to 100 kg on the door. The COBALT SA is able to instantly release with excessive pre-load on the door even in the event of a power failure if the lock is configured as Fail Safe.


Additional features of the COBALT SA are:

  • Multi-voltage input (12-24VDC)
  • Very low current consumption
  • Door position and Bolt position monitors
  • High physical strength – 10,000 N holding force
  • Fail Safe / Fail Secure on site conversion with the re-positioning of a single jumper



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