Paradox Alarm Systems

Your dog can’t on always be on guard, but your alarm can.

Paradox Systems – Maximum Home Security.

Unfortunately, burglaries are on the rise in Christchurch with up to 20 home robberies a day, and over one-quarter of those break-ins happen whilst someone is at home.  Burglars have been known to climb high entrance gates as well as take their chances by ignoring the dog warning signs.

With high-tech cameras, built-in panic buttons, distress codes in keypads, touch screens, two-way voice communication and remotes, Paradox Systems have you covered.

Why use Paradox alarm system in your home?

Paradox Alarm Systems have some of the best security capabilities on the market, as well as boast competitive pricing. Paradox Alarm Systems has app integration, SMS capability, and remote configuration via GPS.

They continually develop upgrades as well as accessories for all their systems. The advantage of having a PC based programming is that it makes adding or removing remotes, wireless peripherals and even detection zones a lot easier.

What are the benefits of installing Paradox wireless alarm?

Paradox specifically tailor their alarms for the home market. The alarm panels already come with wireless capability and are able to cover several zones around your home, inside and out.

Wireless sensors are easy to move and add and so you can keep track of all unique things and various items throughout your home.

Also, with the constant advancements, you won’t have the stress of having to keep investing in a new alarm system.

What makes Paradox different?

What makes Paradox different is that their system is designed to be an end-to-end security system. The innovation behind the capabilities is incomparable and their drive to create sophisticated, easy user-interfaces makes it incredibly easy and convenient for their customers to be able to communicate and control their alarm system.

Paradox wants its systems to be future-proofed and have the ability to integrate with the new world of home automation. They will always strive to be innovators and not imitators and so you can guarantee you’ll be investing in some of the world’s best, leading security system.

Why get Ross Galt to install your Paradox alarm system?

Getting Ross Galt to install your alarm installation is that you benefit from a professional’s experience. We can ensure your equipment is set up correctly, walk you through the ins and outs of your system, and make suggestions for how to best secure your home.

ROSS GALT Paradox Alarm System Packages

This Alarm System package is suitable for residential & small to medium commercial premises & consists of the following equipment.

  • 1 Paradox SP5500 Control Panel
  • 1 LED User Keypad for easy system control
  • 3 Digital PIR Motion Detectors – PET friendly model up to 25kg
  • 1 Internal Siren – round flush mount model
  • 1 External Siren with blue strobe light
  • 1 12 volt backup battery (7AH)
  • 3 year System Warranty
  • 2 year Ross Galt Installation Warranty

Additional features for the Ross Galt Paradox Alarm System Packages

These are additional features you can add on to your Paradox Alarm Package.

  • Additional motion sensors $145.00 (including cable & labour)
  • Hardwired smoke alarms $185.00 (including cable & labour)
  • Remote control kit with 2 x 4 button remotes controls and receiver for operating alarm and garage door $395.00 (including cable & labour)
  • IP internet module for App control via smartphone $350.00 (including labour)
  • Upgrade to 7 inch touch screen keypad $290.00 (including labour)

Paradox System Package & Installation Priced From $1,695.00

Paradox has been manufacturing and supplying leading-edge security systems to the world for over 25 years. It’s the feedback from all their customers that have helped them design the worlds most flexible yet user-friendly range of security systems available today.

In New Zealand, they have developed Paradox NZ defaults for our security systems so that we can meet the demands of the local market and ensure that our systems meet the New Zealand regulatory requirements and all the needs of the customer.

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