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Seven Steps to Improved Security

Step 1: Be sensible on social media:

  • Change your security settings to private
  • Don’t advertise that you’re going away or are away
  • Consider sharing your holidays when you return home
  • Be mindful of the images you post
  • Disable location services


Step 2: Make friends with your neighbors:

  • Exchange phone numbers
  • Ask them to keep an eye on your property and to call the police if they notice any suspicious activity.


Step 3: Make your house look lived in:

  • Ask a neighbour to park in your driveway
  • Arrange for someone to collect your mail OR put your mail on hold


Step 4: Keep valuables out of sight – true for homes, cars and businesses.

  • Place the packaging of expensive items towards the bottom of your rubbish bin.

Step 5: Make access difficult:

  • Lock up
  • Remove items that may be climbed on
  • Do not hide keys outside your home
  • Install motion-sensor lights

Step 6: Upgrade your defences:

  • Review your security and consider getting a Ross Galt alarm or CCTV package.

Step 7 : Ensure all window and door locks are in good working condition and remember to use them!

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