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Security Solutions For Gas Stations – Safe, Smart & Reliable.


Security Solutions For Gas Stations – Safe, Smart & Reliable.

Believe it or not, but the theft of petrol happens on a daily basis, which has forced station owners to take better security measures. 

To put things into perspective of how serious this is for franchise owners, one drive-off could basically mean your profit gone for the day. Non-paying customers driving off with petrol, creating elaborate sob stories and being abusive to staff is causing petrol station owners and workers to take action. 

Over a 6-month period, there can be up to 7,000 theft-related offences at service stations throughout New Zealand, and there’s the fear amongst owners, as well as the police that this will online increase as fuel prices continue to rise.

Industry Challenges

Supervision Difficulties
Numerous, scattered gas stations make remote supervision of staff and service evaluation difficult.
Business Disputes
No valid evidence to resolve refuelling and purchase disputes.
Leave Without Paying
There is always a risk that drivers could leave without paying, resulting in damages.
Vandalism & Attacks
Potential attacks and vandalism are dangerous and devastating.
Dangerous Chemicals
Oil & Gas is explosive and flammable which can cause casualties and damage.

How can Ross Galt help Kiwi gas station owners overcome all these challenges?

Ross Galt has a security solution tailored to meet the security needs for gas stations and here is a brief breakdown of how the system works: 

How to reduce the possibility of fire and detect equipment failure?
• The system has installed thermal imaging which provides temperature measurement capabilities, alerting management if an area gets too hot.
• Thermal imaging can also detect equipment failures.

How to detect and prevent attacks & vandalism?
• The built-in intelligent analytics technology, such as tripwire, intrusion, and auto-tracking finds suspicious behaviour.
• We install an LPR system for vehicle control and management and an access control system for flexible and strict authority management.

How to detect blacklist vehicle and get peak periods for a gas station?
• The LPR system detects and recognizes license plates, triggering an alarm if a blacklisted plate is detected.
• Integrated management platform allows display of traffic statistics and peak analysis.

How to help operators to get business analysis, improve service experience and turnover?
• People counting monitors the flow of foot traffic and outputs data reports.
• Heat maps detect the most active areas.
• POS integration function to check the number of goods and sales.

How to achieve rapid emergency command and response in the event of an emergency?
• Mobile equipment deployment for getting real-time audio and video data.
• Integrated platform for overall supervision to achieve multi-system integration.

Using some of the world’s best suppliers, Ross Galt is able to help New Zealand’s businesses take their security measures to a whole new level. If you’re interested in this solution for gas stations or want to know more about the specific products involved that make up this security package, then please get in touch with more information and prices. 

Not sure what you need?
Contact us or come in-store for a chat!

Not sure what you need?
Contact us or come in-store for a chat!