Ross Galt’s Salto Solution


Ross Galt’s Salto Solution

Ross Galt is driven to continually improve Kiwi security initiatives around the country, and so when the opportunity arrived, to install an access control system in two school swimming pools at Leithfield School and Elmwood Normal School, Ross Galt chose had a cost-effective, low disruption solution. 

What was the initial issue that needed to be resolved? 

Initially, to gain access to the pool, the children were given a metal key which caused many ongoing issues once the swimming season was over.  If all the keys aren’t returned, which many weren’t then the facility faced two options, to either rekey the lock and get new keys cut at the beginning of next seasons, or take the risk that the non-returned keys will be found or given to those with unauthorised access, both of which can either involve high-risk, high-cost and inefficiency.   

What was Ross Galt’s solution? 

As a solution, Ross Galt installed the Salto System, a world-class access control system that is simple to use and extremely efficient. It provides users the ability to control all their access needs and secure all their doors without complex and expensive wiring. 

For this particular case, the Salto System allowed individual to be issued cards at the beginning of the season. The cards are not only more cost-efficient than metal keys, but allow more sophisticated security measurements to be put in place. 

The new system now allows individual cards to be removed from the system if cards are lost or stolen without it affecting other card users. This means at the start of each season only authorised users gain access to the pool. Cards can be deleted and denied pool access at any stage during the season.

How long did the job take and did it cause any disruptions? 

Ross Galt took just half a day to complete the installation which was done prior to the swim season, and so naturally minimal disruption. However, although the process is generally low maintenance, time and disruption is dependent on the existing gate and, or, lock set-up. 

Is this solution cost effective?

In simple terms, yes. This is an affordable solution, which comes with so much value. It can save a lot of administration time spend trying to collect keys and work to determine who’s keys are missing, as all this information is now kept within the system. The cost of the cards are also roughly one third of the cost of a restricted key. 

One of the school’s has chosen to minimise their administration further by making the decision to replace the cards every year, this removes the organisation of recording and chasing the return of keys at the end of the swimming season. 

What were the other benefits of the system? 

The cards are programmed to only work within the swimming seasons, as well as only within the access hours. There are many rules and functionalities that can be tailored to the cards and system to align suit many businesses. The system is also low maintenance and batteries need replacing after 60,000 users, but a system check by Ross Galt is recommended on an annual basis. 

This type of solution is implemented across the globe from commercial, government, education and healthcare environments to hospitality, leisure & entertainment and transport. The software is purposely built so businesses can benefit from the technology, whilst providing a secure environment. 

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