How Can Heat Maps Make Your Retail Store More Profitable?


How Can Heat Maps Make Your Retail Store More Profitable?

What is retail heat map technology?

A heat map is a colour visual representation that lets you view all of the activity in different areas of your store. Warm colours let you know where your customers linger longer in a particular place and cold colours tell you where there is a lack of visitor interest.

The retail heat maps create summaries of shoppers and their store interactions. The technology can sense how many shoppers passed from any point of the store, where they stopped and how much time they spent.

Your heat map report will tell you:

  • All dimensions of store interactions.
  • Passers-by impression and how much time they spent in a particular spot.
  • Effortless identification of hot & cold spots.
  • All design glitches detected; find out the barriers in the store.

How can you benefit from this data?

As a retailer, you know this information can be valuable, but how can you really use it? Let’s break it down;

The hot and cold spots can help you easily identify the best and worst performing areas of the store. If your best performing area is located at the back of the store or located in an area which isn’t as accessible as it could be, then you may need to evaluate your product positioning.

Your merchandise strategies can really be measured with heat map technology as you can effortlessly check if your visuals and shelves are getting attention.

Fully testing your store strategy becomes possible with heat maps. You now have data that will allow you to make executive decisions about marketing, staffing, pricing and store layout.

How can you profit from these benefits?

Knowing exactly what’s hot and what’s not can help you make decisions on how to lay out your store, how many staff you need on and where they should be placed, visual opportunities and to ensure there’s no congestion to those more popular spots.

Skilfully bringing all this data together you’ll be able to display more products that you know will have a higher-interest and selling-rate and have the ability to take advantage of impulse buying.

You can also save money by assessing those cold spots and start eliminating or reducing stock that doesn’t sell. Utilizing your retail space effectively is key and it’s important to restock cold spots and aisles that are not frequently visited with products and stock that sells.

Lastly, all this technology works in real-time and so you can ensure you always have enough checkout registers on, monitor your shelves and promptly restock them if stock is low.

Heat map technology is becoming increasingly popular as retail rates increase, competition continues to rise and for the simple desire to better understand shopper behaviour habits in order to increase conversions. If you’re interested in this technology, then get a free quote and consultation by getting in touch with us.

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Not sure what you need?
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