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CCTV – It’s More Than Just Security


CCTV – It’s More Than Just Security

The Power of People Counting

Traditionally, business owners may have only installed CCTV cameras for security measures, but our people counting and tracking sensor cameras offer far more business solutions and benefits than just security.

When Ross Galt installs the people counting & tracking system, businesses gain so much more insight and information to their customer’s behaviour. These cameras provide accurate details about how customers move into, around and out of physical places, as well as,

  • Monitor the number of people visiting hourly with daily reports
  • Compare weekly, monthly and annual results
  • Track and report in real time the numbers of people in each venue/area

Without any other equipment and installation the system provides reporting which can be used for:

  • Promotional & advertising analysis
  • Stall allocation analysis
  • Foot traffic trend analysis
  • Provide accurate management information for decision making
  • Confirmation on correct trading hours
  • Sale conversion-rate analysis
  • Comprehensive data on visitor metrics for budgets and funding submissions

Businesses such as retail, museums, libraries, public transport facilities and malls could all benefit from having this technology installed. Here are some examples of the reports/data this system provides:

If you’re interested in getting the accurate statistics you need to make executive business decisions then get in touch with Ross Galt today to discuss innovative solutions.

Not sure what you need?
Contact us or come in-store for a chat!

Not sure what you need?
Contact us or come in-store for a chat!