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Don’t Be Robbed Of A Merry Christmas!


Don’t Be Robbed Of A Merry Christmas!

Many Kiwi’s will leave their home this Christmas to visit relatives and friends or to take a vacation, leaving some of their most valuables behind. This is why it’s important to secure your home before taking your festive trip. As Kevin would say,

“This is my house, I have to defend it.”

8 home security tips from your security experts

Firstly, let’s start by taking outside precautions like,

  1. Try and put all mail on hold whilst your away, such as magazine or newspaper subscriptions, as nothing more could clearly state, ‘we’re not home and haven’t been home for a while.’
  2. Don’t upload a Facebook post or status and tell the whole world you’re on vacation. It’s been a trick of the robbery trade since Facebook launched in 2008, the fewer people that know that you’re leaving your home, the better.
  3. Leave a parked car in the driveway or offer the spot to a close neighbour in order to make the house look occupied.
  4. Put motion detectors on your outside lights, so that they’re triggered when someone is within the inside range of the sensor.
  5. Organise someone to come round and check on things once in a while and if you’re wanting to take extra precautions, get them to change the way the blinds or curtains are positioned, so it looks like someone has been home.

You’ve put all the above in place, but just like Kevin, the filthy animals are still out to get you, so it’s time to take extra security measures such as,

  1. Install an alarm system with CCTV, as experts have indicated that homes without security systems are three times as likely to be burglarised as with one and chances are if the burglars set it off, they’ll run for their lives, and you’ll have all the footage. Check out our Paradox Alarm Home System here.
  2. Seems simple, but can easily be forgotten…secure all windows and doors by locking them before you leave. Sliding doors should have something as simples as a small rod dropped into the track to prevent an intruder from forcing the lock and opening the door.
  3. Keep your valuables such as passports, credit cards, jewelry, garage door key etc, or anything that can be easily stolen and sold in a safe box. Check out our range of home and office safes here.

Enjoy the holiday’s everyone and remember that Ross Galt are happy to discuss any security advice and questions you may have, contact us through our contact form or directly on 8088 ROSS GALT.

Not sure what you need?
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Not sure what you need?
Contact us or come in-store for a chat!