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Keep updated with the latest security technology with Ross Galt. The security market is continually improving & creating new gadgets and devices to better protect your home, loved ones and valuables.


How Can Heat Maps Make Your Retail Store More Profitable?

What is retail heat map technology? A heat map is a color visual representation that lets you view all of the activity in different areas of your store. Warm colors let you know where your customers linger longer in a particular place and cold colors tell you where there is a lack of visitor interes

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Don’t Be Robbed Of A Merry Christmas!

Many Kiwi’s will leave their home this Christmas to visit relatives and friends or to take a vacation, leaving some of their most valuables behind. This is why it’s important to secure your home before taking your festive trip. As Kevin would say, “This is my house, I have to defen

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How To Choose a Trustworthy Locksmith

When using a search engine to find a suitable locksmith, check the page carefully to make sure it’s the locksmith you want. Just because a company has paid to come up first on the search, it does not mean they are the best option!

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The Power of Face Recognition

CCTV Face Recognition is an exciting new technology which is being used by law enforcement & companies around the world. Whenever a customer enters your premises, the CCTV cameras will capture an image of their face which will then be stored in an easily accessible data base. To control potentia

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