CCTV Systems

CCTV just got more Sophisticated and more Affordable

Cameras can act as your eyes and ears when you are not on site. Technology around CCTV (closed circuit television) has improved as the cost of installation has dropped. High definition footage can be used to identify people and license plates – making the chance of identifying, apprehending and convicting criminals much greater.

Like all security however, the effectiveness of the system is determined by the choices you make – at Ross Galt, we are here to help you make the very best choices. Remember, the number and placement of cameras is as important as the CCTV system selected.

Picking the right CCTV system for you

We provide CCTV systems tailored to the specific monitoring requirements of your business. From home security cameras that can be monitored from a remote location by smartphone, through to more extensive and sophisticated camera systems that have the capability of recording a license plate number from a fast moving vehicle – we have the solution to suit your business.

Technology continues to change rapidly and already the analogue format is moving to a choice of high definition CCTV formats – IP HD or HD SDI. At Ross Galt, our staff are familiar with the changing trends, technology and products available, ensuring clients are offered up-to-the-minute, reliable and effective products.

  IP CCTV Surveillance Package

This IP CCTV package is suitable for residential & commercial premises

Dahua 4 Channel Network Video Recorder (NVR). 2 x 4MP IP dome cameras with wide angle lens & night vision. Suitable for internal and external positions.

Kit Includes:

  • 1 x 4CH NVR with 1 terabyte HDD & 4 PoE ports
  • 2 x 4MP IP dome camera IR30M IP67 2.8mm fixed lens

Total Cost $1,195.00

Plus Installation (Subject to site inspection)

All prices include GST & are subject to change without notice.

Upgrade options:

  • Additional cameras – $300.00 each
  • 2TB HDD – $120.00, 4TB HDD – $240.00
  • Upgrade from 4-8 Channel NVR – $200.00
  • Installation estimate for this package including 50M of CAT6 Cable – $750
Ross Galt Dahua 4 Channel Network Video Recorder
Network Video Recorder (NVR)
Digital mobile surveillance system
Access anywhere
IP CCTV Surveillance Package Cameras
Dome cameras

Video: See the Dahua DMSS mobile phone surveillance app in action and how it integrates with the NVR and cameras.

Leasing Options

Leasing of CCTV equipment is a good option to consider due to the rapid development of this technology. You can have the latest equipment installed with minimal or no initial capital outlay, pay an affordable & tax deductible fixed monthly fee for your preferred term (eg 36mths) and then have all equipment updated at the end of the term. This ensures your systems are keeping up with technology.

CCTV Monitoring

CheckMyCCTV Monitors the status of your CCTV systems 24/7 to identify issues before they become critical.

CCTV Solutions for Retailers

Dahua Smart Retail Solutions help retailers digitally transform and respond to increased industry competition through the use of innovative retail technology.

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