Automatic Gates

Automatic Gates, Arms and Barriers

We work with a reputable gate manufacturer to design, create and install gates or barrier arms for residential and commercial sites. Alternatively we can automate an existing gate or barrier.

Were opening up the options
Gates can be operated from a key pad, via remote control or from an intercom system connected to a phone. For convenience, the phone can be programmed with a distinctive ring tone assigned to the gate, and the gate sensor can be activated via a portable handset from anywhere on the property. This feature is particularly useful in a residential setting as the home-owner can activate the control without having to return to a fixed internal station.

Gate automation can range from the installation of a simple motor on a new or existing gate, to a sophisticated entry system integrated into a total security package.

Booms and barriers are an effective way of controlling vehicle access. We provide a total assessment, design and installation service offering an optimum solution for individual sites.

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