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Access Solutions for Schools & Unis

Ross Galt offers a perfect controlled access solution for schools and universities with electronic locks from Salto, a world-class & future-proof brand

Access control, or keyless entry, can be used by school principals and university administrators to precisely control the place and time of access for staff and faculty members. Crucially, the Salto system is easy to update, staff access is such an ever-changing dynamic.

Our solution isn’t limited by system size needs and can accommodate small 1-10 user situations (rural schools), right through to multi user set-ups which requirement access configuration for 1000s of users using 100s of defined rooms and spaces (large universities).

No more master-key disasters!

Anyone who has been in educational administration will remember a time when a master-key mysteriously vanished, resulting in plenty of anxiety and hand-wringing while waiting for every lock barrel to be replaced, accompanied by large amounts of inconvenience and logistical challenges!

Ross Galt’s solution for educators mean that if a staff member loses their credentials (such as a swipe tag) they can simply be deleted from the system (and reinstated with new credentials). No hardware change needs to occur!


  • No more lost keys
  • No more changing locks
  • Access control to any area
  • Complete lock down control
  • Cost effective swipe cards
  • Easy user deletion
Access solutions for schools and universities

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