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Access Control Solutions

Access control (keyless entry) is an electronic means which gives users the ability to control who gets access to where, what they will be allowed to access and when they are allowed access to it! These systems can be easily be modified to accommodate changing personnel or access requirements in both residential and commercial applications.

We offer all sizes of systems that are simple, reliable and easy to use.  Technology can range from a small stand-alone system for one to ten users, up to a multi-user system with thousands of users accessing hundreds of defined areas.

Lost keys are a thing of the past!

Access control does not rely on a key, but you do require some form of credential to allow access.  It could be:

  • PIN number on an external key pad
  • Proximity tag
  • Biometric scans such as finger-print reading or facial recognition
  • Bluetooth or NFC via Smartphone

To achieve multi-level security, a combination of credentials may be installed.

You control who can go where!

Access control systems are widely used within commercial buildings to increase security by giving organisations or building managers the ability to limit personnel access to doors, lifts, gates and barrier arms within a building or compound.

The systems can be used to log and monitor the activity of staff or tenants and to trace personnel movements within a building.

Cost benefits

As well as offering a range of access options, access control systems can offer cost benefits over a standard lock & key entry system. If someone loses their access control credential, it can simply be deleted from the system.

This is far more cost effective than if a master key was lost or fell into the wrong hands, often resulting in having to change every lock barrel and re-issue keys.

Salto Access Control

According to the film ‘Back to the Future’, by the year 2017 we would all be zooming around on Hover Boards. While the world is not at that stage (yet), in the security industry traditional keys are becoming more and more like a blast from the past!

A great example of this is Salto, a world-class & future-proof brand of electronic locks, which Ross Galt is proud to offer.

Bridging the gap between mechanical locks & access control, a Salto lock is a simple to use & an extremely efficient way to secure doors & control access as a stand alone system – no expensive or complex wiring required.

Salto means no need for keys, because if you are authorised, motorised cylinders will unlock the lock for you.

The intelligence is stored in both the key card & the lock cylinder. The system is easily modified to accommodate changes in staff or access requirements. It’s as easy as deleting a user of the system.

This is far more cost effective than if a master key was lost of fell into the wrong hands, often resulting in the time consuming task of changing locks & reissuing keys.

Not only is Salto a top quality product, they are aesthetically pleasing too.

Call us today to discuss your requirements. Whether you are interested in Salto for one door or an entire government building, Salto is the answer to your access control needs.

Automatic Gates & Barrier Arms

We work with a reputable gate manufacturer to design, create and install gates or barrier arms for residential and commercial sites.  Alternatively we can automate an existing gate or barrier.

Gates can be operated from a keypad, via smartphone app, remote control or from an intercom system.

Gate automation can range from the installation of a simple motor on a new or existing gate, to a sophisticated entry system integrated into a total security package.

Booms and barriers are an effective way of controlling vehicle access.  We provide a total assessment, design and installation service offering an optimum solution for individual sites.

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