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24/7 Monitoring

Who gets Access to where? What & when they get access to it!

Integrated CCTV Monitoring

CCTV systems can be linked to EFTPOS and other point of sale networks and equipment to monitor financial transactions. Staff and customer activity can be closely monitored so that in the event of any discrepancy or dispute over financial transactions, it is a simple matter of accessing records (all time data coded ) to view a digital recording of the transaction in dispute.

A burglar alarm without alarm monitoring is just noise – noise that is often ignored. Don’t leave your security to chance!

Ross Galt Lock & Alarm facilitates Nationwide 24/7 Security System monitoring services including Intruder Alarms, CCTV Surveillance systems, Fire & Medical Alarm systems.

We provide total peace of mind for all your security monitoring needs covering residential, commercial, or industrial requirements.

We utilise advanced systems to interpret digital data that is transmitted to the 24/7 manned monitoring facility from your security system which is then immediately dealt with by the monitoring centre operators.

Monitoring Station

Personalised Response

We work with you to understand your individual response instructions for each event.

This could be to contact you at home, work, via mobile and/or for a security patrol to be despatched to the premises.

For verified burglary scenarios, the monitoring centre operators will inform the Police service & request their surveillance.

Rapid Response

For security patrol operations, we facilitate patrols that are strategically positioned to be able to provide rapid alarm response services. A further patrolman assigned to a neighbouring area will provide an immediate back-up should there be any unforeseeable delays.

Should a violation to the integrity of the property be ascertained, a security officer will remain on site until it is re-secured. We can provide locksmith’s, and coordinate glaziers and other services on your behalf.

Please contact us for free a security evaluation and quotation.

Specialised Services

Specialised Alarm Services

Remote Access Control

With a GPRS wireless transmitter fitted, security can be enhanced through being completely independent of any phone or internet network within the home or business.

By simply using the App, you can securely command your alarm system on / off and view history activity history.

Furthermore, by accessing your data via a portal via our website, you can view the current or historical activity of your alarm system(s):

Communication Options of the Future

Technology is changing fast and our new ultra-fast broadband connections offer many benefits. However, they also have their drawbacks.

Most intruder alarm systems require copper lines to dial up & communicate with the alarm monitoring centre; they simply will not work 100% with VOIP / fibre optic telephone lines.

We have a number of options to allow your alarm to still communicate with us:

  • I.P. Converter

    This is a small device that connects between your alarm panel and your home router (or modem).

  • Wireless Transmitter

    This is a small unit that connects to us via a cellular connection and is completely removed from your home phone or internet network.

    Security Alarm Systems, Burglar / Fire Alarm Monitoring, CCTV Monitoring, Remote Access to alarm control, Remote Access to alarm logs / activity, Patrol Services, Alarm Response Services

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