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Delivery Policy

Delivery Policy

On the successful purchase of one of our Installed Solutions:

  • The price of the Installed Service includes a callout to anywhere in the Greater Christchurch area (please refer to our attached map to see which areas are included). An additional charge will apply to areas outside this boundary.
  • Once the product is ready for installation you will be contacted to arrange a day and time for our technicians to visit your site and carry out the necessary installation
  • Uninterrupted access must be provided on the day or days booked for the installation. If extras visits are required, due to interrupted access then additional costs may apply
  • On arrival, if the technician finds your property/dwelling needs extra materials or labour to complete the installation this will be discussed with you before installation commences. Extra charges may apply for these extra materials and labour.
  • It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that the internet is working and reliable on site
  • Ross Galt Lock & Alarm will not be liable for any internet issues caused by your internet service / provider.
  • Please note that during power outages your modem/router is disabled & your mobile app will lose connection to your CCTV, Alarm or Lock system
  • If a cable cannot be run to the modem/router, an alternative option of a dedicated Wi-Fi bridge can be supplied by Ross Galt at additional cost.
  • Any charges related to Mobile Apps are the client’s responsibility
  • Clients devices that Apps are to be downloaded onto will need to be onsite during installation to allow the technicians to assist with the downloading & connection
  • Clients must be on site towards the end of the installation, for training and demonstrations of the equipment installed. Return visits for additional training and demonstrations if clients not available may incur extra costs.


With Alarm & CCTV installations:

  • This Installed Solution is for a basic kit install into a single level dwelling, with access to roof space (ie: easy to access the space above the ceiling to run cables).
  • A certain amount of cable is specified in the kit. Larger homes may require extra cable, which is charged on a per metre basis.
  • CCTV & Alarm systems with mobile APP capability will require connection to the premises’ internet source & an ethernet cable will need to be run between the CCTV recorder or Alarm control panel & the customers modem / router.
  • An open LAN port on the modem/router is required for this function. If both CCTV and Alarm systems are installed, then 2 LAN ports will be required.
  • Mains power for the Alarm control panel or CCTV recorder is to be made available by the customer
  • If a hardwire mains power connection is required for an Alarm system, then Ross Galt’s preferred electrician will attend to connect the system to the power and will provide a Certificate of Compliance (COC). This is included in the cost of the Installed Solution.
  • If your premise is not classed as single level with roof access but you believe we will be able to run the cables easily please call our office to request to speak with a security consultant who can view your premises on Google.

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