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CCTV Solutions for Farms

Rural & Farm Security

Security is incredibly important for farms and agricultural environments. Video surveillance can ensure day-to-day operations run smoothly and safely, reassuring consumers receive safe products while surveillance can also protect livestock, equipment and to protect injury or any misconduct.

Using farm video surveillance can also assist in improving efficiency by helping you identify what could be done better and help improve daily business.


Why get CCTV installed on your farm?

  • Health & safety
    Monitor daily operations such as milking and feeding to ensure tasks are properly carried out and run smoothly.
  • Biosecurity
    Reassure your buyers and consumers that your product adheres to biosecurity standards and your farm takes growing, feeding and the welfare of animals seriously.
  • Theft
    Our farm CCTV solutions have a further GPS signal, so you can monitor and cover larger areas as well as the inside of your holding pens and tool sheds; protecting your animals and equipment.
  • Intruders
    Strategically placed cameras will capture anyone entering the property and will help ensure only authorized workers can access facilities.

Farm security package features & options

  • Wireless cameras
  • Remote monitoring, i.e. monitor driveways, sheds, machinery, storage areas
  • Thermal imaging
  • Tailored alerts
  • Weather-proof

We install CCTV for

  • Dairy Farms
  • Crop Farms
  • Vineyards
  • Livestock Farms

“We have developed a great relationship with Ross Galt over the past 12 months. When shopping around for our preferred supplier they stood out not only for affordability but also for their level of expertise and knowledge. We are a large scale dairy farming business and felt the need not only to increase the security on the farms but also for our staffs’ safety. We have been extremely impressed by Ross Galt’s on-going communication with us and professionalism. Thanks for doing such a great job!”

– Ash-Leigh Campbell, Ngāi Tahu

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