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CCTV Solutions for Retail

Make your business more secure, efficient and profitable with our retail solutions. Whether you’re a big supermarket, a small retail store or operate a warehouse space, Ross Galt works with businesses New Zealand wide.

Ross Galt’s Smart Retail Solution

Ross Galt’s smart retail solutions help retailers digitally transform and respond to increased industry competition through the use of innovative retail technology.

The retail sector has felt the disruptive impact of the internet more than most industries.

Some have reacted to online competition by closing physical stores. But others are attempting to reinvent them for the digital age.

Traditional retail lacks tools for effective data collection and visualization making it unable to provide a basis for business decision-making to the store.

Security Challenges Faced By Retailers

  • Vandalism
  • Customer Safety
  • Shoplifting
  • Robbery
  • Internal Theft
  • Staff Safety
Security challenges solved by CCTV

Business Challenges Faced By Retailers

  • Foot Traffic Data
  • Data Collection
  • Transaction Data
  • Data Analysis
  • Data Visualisation
Business challenges solved by CCTV

Ross Galt helps retailers digitally transform and respond to increased industry competition through the use of innovative retail technology. Let’s take a look at the advanced retail technology that helps retailers gain a competitive advantage:

  • Footfall is the top concern in the retail industry. Compared to e-commerce, traditional offline retail stores lack the capabilities to accurately calculate customer flow.
    • 3D cameras are able to distinguish people from objects and backgrounds.
    • Workforce Management is integrated with customer flow data to allow for optimum employee scheduling.
  • The Facial Attributes Camera is used to analyse customer demographics. It assists in understanding customer base composition and visualises flow analysis for different customer segments.
    • Promote Products to your customers by displaying ads on televisions according to their characteristics such as age, gender and mood to intelligently draw their attention and increase the efficiency of your marketing campaigns.

It is important to understand which areas in your store are visited most to better design the store layout:

  • Regional People Counting helps you visualise traffic in different product areas of the store.
  • The Heat Map Fusion function assists in understanding customer traffic distribution throughout the whole store.
  • Facial Access Control devices are more convenient allowing logistics personnel to easily move goods and keep their hands free.
  • Rather than through manual measurement, IoT cameras automatically overlay temperature & humidity information onto video and can output data reports.
  • In the retail industry, waiting time is one of the most important factors that affect customer experience. Queuing management can help retailers manage checkout lines: when too many customers enter a queue, it can notify management to open a new checkout line.
  • POS integration supports POS video overlay and POS search reducing the occurrence on internal theft. We can also customise POS data and customer profile data on the DSS platform assisting retailers in finding the relationship between “Who bought what”, “Who likes to spend money” and “Who responds to ads”.
  • The DSS Pro Platform collects data acquired by sensors to provide visualised analysis. This helps retailers bring their stores into the digital world, allowing data to support management and operations, and freeing up their time to do more important things. At the same time, it also supports chain and franchise store management. Retailers can display real-time operations data and video monitoring from each of their stores on a video wall strengthening headquarters store management efficiency.
Security in the future

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