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Commercial Services

Commercial Locks, Lock Installation and Repairs

Securing your commercial business could be the most important and cost effective investment you will make.

Ross Galt currently works with some of the largest employers in Canterbury – including many government departments, health organisations, schools and major industry. The team is not unused to managing upwards of 10,000 lockable doors within a complex.

Quality hardware and workmanship is fully guaranteed for two years, one year more than the industry average.

Every business has unique requirements, therefore Ross Galt technicians will:

  • assess
  • advise
  • provide
  • and install locks, safes and access systems to suit your needs.
“We only use the very best quality hardware. We will not compromise and use low-end products.”

Restricted Keying Systems

This master key security system provides full control and access to commercial premises. The restricted keys are legally patented and protected key designs that can only be duplicated by Ross Galt and only under authorisation from the registered signatories.

Restricted keying can incorporate many combinations of access requirements to individual staff members – providing access only to the areas you want them to enter. Every key can be traced to its holder and to the individual locks it will activate.


Secure storage via a large variety of quality safes are sold and installed by Ross Galt – be it a fire safe, specific data storage safes, digital, keyed, wall mounted, floor standing… again your requirements will be assessed and recommendations made specific to your needs.

A full unlocking and repair service is provided in the workshop and via several of the on-road service vehicles.

Full security

A comprehensive range of quality door and window locks, deadlocks, keyed and keyless entry, battery operated or manual systems are sold, serviced and installed by Ross Galt.

All 12 on-road service vehicles and two Christchurch branches have the capability to duplicate keys – requirements that are more complex can be met by the sophisticated, cutting edge technology and computer systems at the Ross Galt workshop.

Both Christchurch showrooms stock a comprehensive range of padlocks, safes, deadbolts, door locks, window hardware, chain, and many other security products.

“Avonside Girls High School has thousands of doors. After losing most of them to earthquake damage, we decided to leave the original keys with our staff. Ross Galt have been incredible in creating a whole new master key system from scratch.. They have been so helpful and made our lives so much easier.”
Adrienne Lissaman – Executive Officer, Avonside Girls High School